Ever wanted to share the glossy magazine spreads with your favourite popstars?

Have you ever wondered why you don’t have a hit on Youtube racking up a million+ views?

Always dreamed about being invited to the VIP lounge at your favourite venues?

Well Songmaker has some tips that can help you shine bright like today’s popstars do!

  1. Know yourself

This one can seem obvious but, are you aware of the things that makes you special?

We always believe in accentuating the positive and hiding the negative. Take your best traits, those that people use to describe you to others, compliments that you get from your friends, the skills you know you have and maybe not everyone knows and the things that you love to do and make them your strengths and an essential part of your life. The aim is to become the most YOU as possible, strong and consistent so no one can doubt your authenticity.

You want to differentiate from “normal people” that don’t believe in themselves. You should strive to be more black or white than grey. Don’t waste your time doing things that are not part of your personality just because others want you to. At this point you can say that you are already cool enough to start your journey. Feels good, doesn’t it?

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

With your can-do attitude now instilled, the next step would be to perfect the very thing that you hope to make a living from: Singing! Remember you are aiming for superstardom. You don’t just want to be “any” singer, you want to be “the” singer.  Think of singing as a form of art. Don’t just try to imitate what already has been done. Instead come up with your vision and ideas, try new timbres, melodies that pop in your head, make your lyrics be brushstrokes and your crowd your canvas.

Record yourself and listen to yourself, maybe you are already good but, and this is the most important thing: everything can always be improved. A constant desire to better yourself is what separates the good singers from the AMAZING singers and those who attain superstardom.

3. Make good contacts

You have the attitude and a voice to match, what’s next?

Well it’s all about raising your profile!

In most industries, especially music, it’s not necessarily a case of what you know but who you know. Most of the people in the industry are normal people, surrounded by their friends that are gonna be mostly part of the industry too. They, as you do, trust their friends and they are gonna listen to their advice. Knowing this you should start building your network through making friends, meeting musicians, going to gigs, talking with promoters, learning from them how processes works, make them want to introduce you to others, and always deliver a good impression to them. They want to know that you are doing everything to chase your dreams and that you are 100% all in. You be surprised how the friend of the friend of your friend may have the opportunity of a lifetime for you.

4. Jump on the stage and shine!             


Stage fright happens to every popstar at one point in their lives.  People with great voices frozen with fear on the stage. Stage fright is a disgusting feeling, all your insecurities show up, you can hear your heartbeat louder than yourself, your throat drys up and there is a shortness of breath.

There are two ways to avoid this: 1. Experience and 2. Accept the failure. Most of the people learn the second one through the first one as long as they are more confident with themselves. If you just jump on stage and just go out and have fun, no matter what are the crowd are gonna think about you, they will start to enjoy the performance  when they see you are having fun. Experience what is like to perform on stage and analyze and learn from your mistakes as you go along. Sooner or later you will click with the audience which is when the magic happens.


5. Reinvent yourself                                                                    


Congratulations on reaching the top but don’t just sit on your laurels. After all, as the old saying goes: it’s harder to stay at the top than reach the top. You don’t want everyone to forget about you in a few months times. Instead, revisit every stage of your process everyday and try to better it. There is always room for improvement, whether it may be through changing your music or looks. The music business is constantly evolving and in order to stay relevant, you must always evolve. Examples of musicians who have kept relevant throughout the decades through evolution of their music and looks include legends such as Michael Jackson and Madonna.




Last piece of Advice: Defeat all your fears and go for it! And never… never give up! Soon you’ll be on  the cover of all the magazines, your songs will be seen and heard by millions and you’ll  be sipping champagne with all your favourite artists.


How to prepare your voice for a Songmaker session!

Whether you keep your singing in the shower or you think you can give Adele a run for her money, Songmaker will be providing you with some essential tips that will help you get the most from your voice. What better way to prepare for your Songmaker experience?!

This post is all about the importance of warming up your vocals.


Did you know: Your vocal cords are muscles not much thicker than your finger nail!

This means they are delicate and need looking after!  It is important to warm up before singing. I mean you wouldn’t run a marathon without warming up first, right?

Singing with cold vocal cords is like blowing up a balloon without stretching it out first, only you put your voice at risk too. This results in reduced range, strain, lack of stamina and if continued it can lead to more severe health issues such as nodules.


Here are some ways to warm up:

Guideline time: 15 minutes


Warmup 1: Breath Relaxation

This exercise helps to release tension often associated in the breathing mechanism which can interfere with effective voice projection. Normally if there is tension/nervousness when breathing, it will radiates to the vocal muscles. Take a normal breath and then exhale. Make sure your shoulders and chest are low and relaxed. Repeat many times making sure that your breaths are concentrated low in the abdomen and that there is not associated chest, neck, or shoulder tension while breathing. You can place one hand on your abdomen to remind you to keep the focus low and away from the chest and shoulders. Hold an “s” sound like a hiss when you exhale.


Warmup 2: Jaw Release

This helps to reduce tension in the mouth and jaw area when you sing. Place the heels of your hands directly below the cheek bones. Push in and down from the cheeks to the jaw massaging the facial muscles. Passively open your jaw as you move your hands down the face. Repeat this exercise several times.


Warmup 3: Lips Trills

This exercise will help to release tensions in the lip and in the vocal folds. Start by placing your lips loosely together and let your breath be released from your mouth, with your lips vibrating in a relaxed manner to create a trill or ‘brbrbrbr’ (blowing raspberry) sound.  If you still find yourself struggling to vibrate your lips freely, place your fingers on both sides of your face and gently push into your cheeks, then push your fingers outwards to support the lip muscles. Once you are comfortable enough to produce the trill sound using just your lips and breath, you can progress on producing a single note with your voice whilst doing this exercise.


Warm Up 4: Two Octave Pitch glide

This little exercise is great for stretching the vocal cords out ensuring they are ready for action. Take a deep low breath and start in a low pitch ( as low as you can comfortably go) and gently glide up the scale on a “me” sound. Now glide back down the scale from the top to the bottom on an “e” sound.


Warm Up 5: Sirens and kazoos 

This is one of the more fun vocal warm ups to do. To do the sirens, simply mimic the sound of a siren! Start by making the “ooo” sound and then the “wooah wooah wooah” sound . Start from a low note and then when you reach your highest note, hold it for 4-5 seconds and gently slide back down to the low note. Repeat 2-3 times

To do a kazoo sound, pretend you are sucking in spaghetti with an inhalation. As you exhale, make a “woo” sound. It sound like a buzz. Hold this sound steady and go from low to high on the scale. Repeat several times.


  Warm Up 6: Humming

Begin by making sure your lips are closed. Inhale deeply and when you exhale, do a “hum” sound”. Experiment with the pitch whilst moving from high to low and low to high

There you have it folks. By using these 7 warmup exercises, you can ensure you are well prepared to go into one of our recording studio nationwide and sing to your full potential!

Let us know if these exercises helped by leaving us comments!